Navarino Grove, Hackney

Case Study

Residential Project


Project Address

Hackney, London, E8 1AJ


Design, Supply and Install


11 Months

Case Study: Navarino Grove, Hackney, London

Project Overview:

Location: Navarino Grove, Hackney, London, E8 1AJ

Client: Ratio 1.5

Project Duration: 11 months

Scope of Work: Subcontractor works encompassing the design, supply, and installation of various structural and cladding systems.

Project Description:

In the vibrant borough of Hackney, London, DMC Walling had the privilege of contributing its expertise to a remarkable construction project at Navarino Grove. This endeavor, spanning 11 months, saw DMC Walling engaged as a subcontractor to bring their cladding and structural expertise to bear on the development.

Services Provided:

  • Free-Standing Structural SFS (Steel Framing Systems): DMC Walling took the responsibility of installing free-standing structural SFS components, enhancing the strength and integrity of internal and external walls, floors, and roofs. This ensured the long-term stability of the building’s core structure.
  • Lightweight Steel Frame: As part of the project, DMC Walling implemented a lightweight steel frame solution. This choice not only improved the structural integrity of the building but also enhanced its energy efficiency and environmental performance.
  • Windows, Doors, and AOV (Automatic Opening Vents): DMC Walling contributed to the project by supplying and installing windows, doors, and Automatic Opening Vents. This critical element facilitated proper ventilation and safety measures within the building.
  • Acoustic Glazing: Noise control and acoustics are essential aspects of any modern construction project. DMC Walling delivered and installed acoustic glazing solutions, ensuring the comfort and privacy of occupants.
  • External Wall Cladding System: Aesthetics and weather resistance are paramount in modern construction. DMC Walling was tasked with the installation of a high-quality external wall cladding system, guaranteeing the building’s visual appeal while providing robust protection against the elements.
  • External Wall Insulated System: To enhance energy efficiency and sustainability, DMC Walling provided and installed an external wall insulated system. This not only improved the thermal performance of the building but also contributed to reduced energy consumption, minimizing the carbon footprint.

Challenges Faced:

As with any construction project, Navarino Grove presented its own unique set of challenges. The site’s location in Hackney, a bustling and densely populated area of London, meant that the project required meticulous planning and coordination to minimize disruption to the surrounding community. Additionally, adhering to strict building codes and regulations was imperative to ensure the safety and compliance of the development.


The collaboration between DMC Walling and the Navarino Grove project team bore fruit in the form of a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient building. The contributions of DMC Walling in the form of steel framing, cladding, and other essential systems ensured that the project met and exceeded the expectations of all stakeholders.

The installation of free-standing structural SFS and lightweight steel framing guaranteed a robust, long-lasting structure. Meanwhile, the acoustic glazing and external wall insulated system provided the residents with a comfortable and quiet living environment. The external cladding not only enhanced the building’s aesthetics but also safeguarded it against the rigors of London’s weather.


The Navarino Grove project in Hackney, London, is a testament to DMC Walling’s prowess in cladding and structural solutions. This case study highlights the success of their subcontractor works in delivering a construction project that marries functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. DMC Walling’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovation has left an indelible mark on the Navarino Grove, which stands as a symbol of excellence in Hackney’s urban landscape.

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